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Monday June 4th

examples of serial works done by other artists as an introduction to projects.


Monday June 11th

work days with demos.


Monday June 18th

work days with demos.


Monday June 25th

a work period in the morning and a discussion of completed presentations in the afternoon.


Time: 10.00am   -   5.00pm.

Cost: €180 materials included.

Tutor: Joel Feldman


Limited places booking advisable at 098 28735.



Introduce  students  to use of sequential images to tell a story or address an issue. The aggregate of  the series being the idea. The work will be presented either by printing the plates as woodcuts or presenting the carved blocks as the finished product, and will cover; carving the block, inking and printing and colour registration.


The title ‘Series’ refers to the idea that a series has a different impact and effect than does a single image or a group of discreet unrelated images. A series can be a narrative, a collection, a sequence, a variation on a theme, etc.


Class will meet for four sessions and students  will develop a series of  images intended to function as a group. The subject matter chosen will be up to individual students and may range from investigations of the natural world, (landscape, studies of plants, rocks, livestock, etc.) to abstract forms and shapes, to portrait or figure studies, to ‘personal investigations or stories’ . The only requirement is that the group of images be intended to be shown  together. It will be beneficial for students to identify subject matter they wish to explore prior to the course.


Media will be open and demonstrations will be given on various printmaking techniques, such as etching, drypoint, engraving, and woodcut including the use of wooden plates in both intaglio and relief technique. Also demonstrations on pen and ink techniques, and the making of crude dioramas to tell photo stories.